AGOSTO 20 Inauguración exposición Workshop Landscape into Architecture / Erieta Attali

WORKSHOP: LANDSCAPE INTO ARCHITECTURE The inversion of content and context in architectural photography
Professor Erieta Attali, Adjunct Professor of Architectural Photography at Columbia GSAPP
Ayudantes Josefina Levy y Nicolás Navarrete
Presentación final de los trabajos desarrollados en el Workshop de Fotografía de Arquitectura dirigido por la profesora adjunta en Columbia GSAPP, Erieta Attali. 
The aim of this course is to examine the various ways in which photography has served as an active tool for understanding the relationship between architectural works and their respective environments, either natural or man-made. The lectures will place particular emphasis on the degree to which human intervention has incised natural landscapes, and, at the same time, how elements of pure or derived nature have penetrated into the human realm.
Fecha y lugar inauguración de la exposición_
Lunes 20 de agosto de 2018, 18.00 hrs.
Sala 10, casona del campus Lo Contador. El Comendador 1916, Providencia.
Fecha y lugar exposición_
Lunes 20 de agosto a 07 de septiembre de 2018.
Corredores de la casona del campus Lo Contador. El Comendador 1916, Providencia.
Erieta Attali
Erieta Attali has been an Adjunct Professor of Architectural Photography at Columbia GSAPP since 2003. Attali studied photography at Goldsmiths, University of London, she continued her studies as a visiting scholar at Columbia GSAPP with a support of Fulbright Foundation, and Waseda University, Tokyo. She has a Ph.D. from RMIT University, School of Architecture and Design, Australia.
Attali began her photographic career in 1993 as a landscape and archeology photographer. For over ten years she photographed excavation sites and archeological findings specializing in the documentation of ancient painting in under earth tombs with the use of UV and IR radiation. During this period, Attali worked in various museums in Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and UK. Her corps of archeological work includes thousands of photographs produced for scientific documentation and archaeological publications.
In parallel with her past work as an archeology photographer, she photographed landscapes in different parts of the world. Her pictures have been published and exhibited internationally. Her work has been supported by prestigious institutions, such as Fulbright, Japan Foundation, Graham Foundation, Dreyer’s Foundation, Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen, Danish Arts Council, Chilean Ministry of Culture culminating to numerous exhibitions and publications. During the past 20 years, Attali has been preoccupied primarily with architectural photography, both as a profession and as a fine-art photographer. Her architectural work expands from Europe to Americas and from Asia to Australia.

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