SEPTIEMBRE 07 Conferencia de Taku Sakaushi



Conferencia de Taku Sakaushi. Architecture as Frame and Reframe

I published the book named “Architecture as Frame” in 2010. At that time I began to form a fundamental view on architecture: an impression of a piece of architecture is primarily made under a strong influence from various elements around it, including plants, passers-by, or weather outside, and the dwellers or pets inside, and a piece of architecture is merely an open frame which frames these non-architectural elements. The idea still hasn’t changed basically,but these days I am thinking that the architecture itself has more potential. It is evident in the four private homes and three homes for the abused children I designed recently. In each building I deliberately designed a space or a structure that gives strong and distinctive impressions so that the residents get a strong impact to their senses whenever they pass by.

A building as a whole is like a frame, open to inside and outside, and various elements are interacting. The space or the structure that stands out, which sits in between the rooms, is isolated and independent from the other rooms, and acting as the center of gravity and the spiritual core of the building. If an entire building is a frame, it is re-framing the frame. Therefore, inside it is a reframed space. The common characteristic of the reframed space is that it is the space for reflection, while the building itself is a framed space that indicates openness.

For the time being, my design will be dictated by the consideration of a fine
balances between the potential of architecture itself and the influence of nonarchitectural
elements, and framing and re-framing.

Taku Sakaushi (Tokyo, 1959). Master of Architecture, University of California at L.A (1985), Master of Architecture, Tokyo Institute of Technology (1986), Profesor, Tokyo University of Science. Fundador de O.F.D.A. Associates, Japón.

Miércoles 07 de septiembre de 2016. 18.30 hrs.

Salón Sergio Larraín, Campus Lo Contador. El Comendador 1916, Providencia

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Escuela de Arquitectura UC
Plan Común

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