MARZO 20 Conferencia 'Brasil Moderno'

Presentación de Ruth Verde Zein y Anat Falbel sobre la arquitectura moderna brasileña, incluyendo una exposición sobre Joao Vilanova Artigas y sobre los arquitectos inmigrantes europeos en Brasil.

Ruth Verde Zein_

Architect, PhD Professor of Theory and Design at Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil. Member of CICA - International Committee of Architectural Critics. Member of DOCOMOMO International, coordinates Docomomo Brazil/São Paulo’s chapter. Former editor of Projeto magazine. Has participated in several seminars and given conferences and courses in Brazil and abroad. Has more than a hundred articles published and a dozen books on Brazilian and Latin American modern and contemporary architecture.

Currículo científico completo:

Anat Falbel_

Anat Falbel Received her Ph. D in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo, in 2003, with the thesis ͞Lucjan Korngold: the trajectory of an immigrant architect͟, dealing with the subject of émigrés architects, between the 40’s and 60’s in the city of São Paulo. A Canadian Center of Architecture Visiting scholar (2013), she was also awarded Docomomo Summer Grant. She participated in the organization of Docomomo International Conference ͞Impressions Transatlantiques: le dialogue entre architectures nationale et étranger au Brésil, 1930-1960͟, in Paris, 2005, as well the EAHN FAUSP Conference Architectural Electives Affinities: correspondences, transfers, inter/multidisciplinarity, 2013. Presently she is one of the organizers of the Urban Photography Film and Video EAHN Working group. In 2011 she curated the exhibitions ͞Exile and Modernity: The space of the foreigner in the city of Sao Paulo͟ and in 2013 ͞Vagabond Stars: Memories of the Jewish Theater in Brazil͟ Presently she is a lecturer and researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FAU/UFRJ).

Between many articles she also edited and published Bruno Zevi Architettura e hebraismo: Mendelsohn. Editora Perspectiva. (edition, translation, introduction, 2002); translator and editor of Joseph Rykwert’s The house of Adam in Paradise, (2002), The Idea of the City (2006) and The Dancing Column (2015), by Editora Perspectiva (2015). In the second half of 2000, she began dedicating herself to the issue of visual culture transferences beginning with the work of the German born photographer Peter Scheier in Brazil, as in ͞Peter Scheier: transparência e visões de utopia͟, in As construções de Brasilia. São Paulo: Instituto Moreira Salles, 2010; or ͞Le photographe Peter Scheier: la transparence et le palimpseste͟, in Sociétés & Represéntations numero especial L’architecture et ses images. Ed. Gerard Monnier, Evelyne Cohen, edit., Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, n. 30, dez., 2010.

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Martes 20 de marzo de 2018, 13.00 hrs.


Auditorio FCV. El Comendador 1936, Providencia


Escuela de Arquitectura UC 



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