Workshop Project Home: How do we live? - University of Liverpool

La Escuela de Arquitectura invita a sus alumnos en las etapas de ejercitación y magíster a participar en el Workshop de vivienda colectiva a realizarse en Londres


A partir del 30 de marzo de 2018 se realizará en Londres el workshop Project Home: How do we live? organizado por la Universidad de Liverpool y guiado por las profesoras Jocelyn Froimovich y Johanna Muszbek, que  contará con la participación de los profesores UC Cristián Izquierdo y Max Núñez.

Los participantes por parte de la escuela podrán convalidar su participación por 5 créditos. Si bien la inscripción en el workshop no tiene costo, se espera que cada participante pueda financiar su viaje y estadía en Londres.

El cierre de inscripciones será el 5 de marzo 2018. Para consultas específicas sobre el workshop contactar a:
Max Núñez: max(at) 
Cristián Izquierdo: c.izquierdo(at)
Project Home: How Do we Live?

A big percentage of a city’s building stock is destined to housing. The sort of housing that is continuously repeated, not the one-of-a kind client-tailored house. As cities’ growth fluctuate, housing demands vary. Thus, housing in a city is a constant enterprise: built, converted, recycled, restored... Housing is the stuff cities are made of.

Cities house housing. Housing house lives. Lives have changed significantly. Has housing in the city followed these changes? Is urban housing being designed accordingly?

Different lifestyles need different homes. Different homes develop within housing types. Housing types respond to and create a particular urban condition and vice versa. This is a problem that has been thought of before. The question of how to design housing has accompanied the discipline throughout the last century, but many housing design paradigms still remain the same. Thus, the goal of the studio is to design new housing types that expand the existing housing repertoire. These new types will respond to current and future lifestyles and contribute to resolve specific urban demands.

As a second iteration of a program that will analyze different urban scenarios, Project Home will continue with a one week workshop at the London Campus of University of Liverpool. This workshop will take London’s housing and urban conditions as its case study. In this occasion we would like to analyze the issue of tenancy by looking closely at London’s current housing offer and exemplary housing designs.This workshop and study trip is open and free to all architecture students of Universidad Católica de Chile. 

Contacto: redesarq(at)